Since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, many SEOs are creating new accounts at Mastodon. I haven’t seen any leave Twitter for good yet, but presumably, they are opening Mastodon accounts in anticipation of an eventual move one day.

I don’t like Mastodon much and will stay on Twitter. Mastodon appeals to people because it doesn’t have one owner; it’s decentralized and has many owners. But what people may not understand is that someone does own (and therefore have to pay for) the Mastodon server your account is hosted on. Who has a higher chance of not going bankrupt? Your Mastodon server owner or Elon Musk?

Twitter should be an obvious choice here for those who understand how Mastodon works. I wouldn’t waste much time moving your content to Mastodon.

Some are also leaving Twitter for LinkedIn. I don’t recommend that one either.