Google’s Sundar Pichai announced that Google is building an AI system that can speak 1,000 languages. Pichai says Google’s support for the 1,000 most popular languages will be a big step toward making knowledge accessible to most people.

Pichai says Google has already developed AI that can speak 400 languages today. And we believe it because we have noticed big advancements in Google’s translation ability over the last few years.

If Google can truly speak 1,000 of the most spoken languages perfectly in the future, it will help solidify it as a search engine titan that isn’t going anywhere. One of the main reasons I am not more invested in Baidu as a company is because its native language is Mandarin Chinese and it doesn’t seem all that interested in developing an ability to speak more languages. Whoever can build the first universal search engine will have a company with a foundation so solid that I would keep all my savings in it. But we will have to wait and see how the world of search progresses.

Here is the tweet: