Thanks to weiphone, we now have some images of what the rumored budget iPhone supposedly will look like. Going back to the time of when all the entry-level iPhone rumors were first starting, there were also rumors of a range of colored iPhones coming. This was then said to be what the entry iPhone would be.

Things start to get confusing when I try to take my memory all the way back to when there were 3 iPhones rumored coming out in 2013, one of which was the 5S.

If we take a look at the image, you can see the shell does look cheaper than a standard iPhone. It was reported that the budget iPhone would be coming with a plastic shell. From just looking at the picture, the shell does look plastic. Put this together with the colors and the last rumor to pop up just the other week of it coming with rounded corners, and all of sudden it seems we have a real possible authentic image of the mobile which is launching very soon.

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