I made a post earlier about my opinions on the Apple 4th Gen iPad coming out too soon, and it seems fans across the world were angry about it too. So much so, that the news seems to have gotten back to Apple who has just decided that they will give anyone who has bought an iPad 3 within the last month a free upgrade to the iPad 4. Something that many iPad 3 owners will no doubt be happy about and of course, it’s also something that many just outside the one month window will be extra upset about.

Do you think Apple has eased the pain of fans by offering this deal or has it just made it worse because it has singled out the people who are outside of the 30-day window and therefore not eligible for a free upgrade?

There is no news on how long Apple will continue to run this deal for and if, in fact, it will be an offer that goes forever as long as you can show proof that you did buy your iPad within that same time frame. One would assume that it would be the case, but it’s best to go and get your deal quick just in case they change their mind. Apple can change their mind and conditions at any time. They are completely entitled as a tech giant company to do that.

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you did manage to get in on APple’s iPad 3 to iPad 4 deal.

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