MacRumors are the cream of the crop when it comes to getting their hands on some dirty images. And by dirty I’ve referred to naked iPhones before their release date. If there’s a leak, they’ll have it.

There has been much talk about what this new iPhone 5S which is due out later this year. Some have been expecting a large overhaul, while others have more traditional feelings that this device won’t change much at all — it seems like the latter is the correct answer if these fresh images are anything to go by.

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise either. If you take a look back at what Apple have done for the iPhone to this date, they clearly follow a strict module. Sure, it’s breakable at any time, however, I would not have bet against it.

The history of the iPhone has gone like this: 3G – redesign, 3GS – updated internals, 4 – redesign, 4S – updated internals, Can you see a pattern here? If Apple were to follow suit then all we should be expecting is another internal design change and not the exterior. Arguably, even more news supporting this would be the budget iPhone range that is also set to come out around the same time. They may indeed look different, which makes it less likely Apple have spent time on making two devices look different. That is not confirmed about the budget iPhone yet, though. What is confirmed is that it will be slightly thicker, which makes sense.

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