We told you yesterday that this event was coming at 10am and now we can also tell you all the details, as the vent has now been and gone. The big news Pebble had to share with the world was the iOS 7 notifications added to the Smartwatch, plus a whole new launch of SDK 2.0.

What this means is that if you own an Apple iPhone running iOS 7 it will now be compatible with the pebble Smartwach. Because pebble doesn’t make phones this has something they have lacked until now compared to its competition like the Galaxy Gear, but it isn’t an entirely new idea either — we have seen smartwatch Android make a connection with the other Android we all know as a handset operating system.

Once it is connected up to the iPhone you will be able to get all of your notifications like emails and messages appearing on your watch. The Bible has always been leading the way when it comes to applications, it can be used by and for that reason it has sold nearly a quarter of a million pieces world-wide. The inclusion of iOS 7 could see Pebble turn into a household name sooner than later, and that’s a good thing for them because they are about to be surrounded by lots of tough competition over the next 12 months, a competition they could sure do without.

Via Mobile Burn