When a new tech product is launched, it’s a fantastic day because it’s the first time we get to see real people with these things in their hands. We also get all the latest reports about what people like and dislike, all the do’s and Don’ts etc. However, there is also a downside. The main aspect we could all do without is the huge amount of people who line up to buy them, and thus, making it next to impossible to get one right at the start of its eventual launch. If you did, you probably had to go to some extreme measure just to get it, and if you’re one of the many people, you may not have received anything at all before it was sold out for the time being.

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OK, so the Nike+ Fuelband SE isn’t that high in supply and demand, but I can assure you it isn’t as easy a process to come up with one the day of its release compared to what it might be a few months from now when things have settled down. That’s why the news of it arriving available a day before the launch date makes it worth noting if you are gong to buy it. This is news that wouldn’t have traveled all that far other than word of mouth and a few blogs, and you should be able to get yours easier that’s what it would have been.

To get yours, all you will need is a purchase price of $149. They do come in several sizes and different colors, but the price will remain the same for any choice.

One of the things that makes this better than the competition is the relation Nike has with Apple and the great application that supports it on your iPhone. This will also be getting an update as soon as the band officially goes on sale tomorrow.

The Fuelband from Nike has always been given the date of November 6th for its birthday. There has been no reason given for this. As far as we know it could have been an accident that a certain employee has dished it out one day ahead of time.

The Fuelband has a few competitors hot on its heels. The Fitbit Flex which was revealed at CES 2013 is probably its main rival. Apple CEO Tim Cook is a huge fan of the Fuelband, and because of this, he uses it himself and talks about it often. It leads to Apple employing a past Nike fitness band employee. The Angel Fitness sensor is another color band that people wear around the wrist that does much of the same thing. It comes down to personal preference.