Thanks to an anonymous tip-off that the Nokia X is already in production in Hungary we are certain that the unveiling of the Nokia X will be at the MWC in Barcelona that takes place from the 24th to the 27th of February.

There will be stiff competition from Samsung, LG, Sony and Nokia as they all look to compete against each other for the rest of 2014. The Nokia X will only be an entry-level phone that should compete against the Moto G. The Moto G was the budget version of the Moto X so it’s interesting how it’s named. Many people believed that the “X” was given to the Nokia phone because nobody could put a name to it. It’s also interesting to note that in Vietnam the Nokia X A110 Normandy has just been priced.

This phone is monumental because it is Nokia’s first Android-based phone. To make things more confusing, some blogs have discovered that this is not a Google certified device because it does not seem to have Google Gapps running on the image leaks that came out. What does that mean? It will have many Microsoft-based services still native on the Android-OS. It will have the normal Redmond companies apps and services, HERE maps and Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome. It won’t have the popular Google maps, but if it helps, you can always just go to Google from the browser and click maps from there. It’s also expected to come with a native Skype application. Microsoft bought Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion.

News came out today that the Finland-based phone will come with the Windows 8 tiles design so it will keep most of its Microsoft grass-roots.

If this handset launches at the Mobile World Congress 2014 event, it’s release will happen around May or June of this year.

EvLeaks is showing many image leaks of the device. It does keep its colorful tradition going like we have come to know and Love from Nokia Windows phones. There is green, white, yellow, red and a dark gray or charcoal black version.

This is the same phone that has a long history of being called the ‘Normandy’ and in some places like Vietnam it looks like it will be keeping that name.

At the moment nobody knows how the app store is going to work for this phone because details are sketchy. We do know that it will be powered by Android, and we also know that it will resemble a Windows Phone with the tile UI, plus have many of the Nokia native features instead of the Android. Does that mean it will be using Google Play or will it be using the Windows app store? We can’t answer that now. Everything will be revealed over the next week.

We have exclusive pictures, thanks to Coolxap of the UI running. You can view them here: