If you know any family or friends that have children you’ll probably be aware how surprisingly good they are with technology. These days kids as young as 3 years old are playing apps on Mum and Dad’s Smartphone while they sit, and chat and Samsung knows it.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a new kids mode that will let the kids have their own dedicated environment inside of the phone where the kids can play applications, especially made for them and without being able to reach the parents important data. This will mean any important data will be safely secured.

Developing a phone with its own kids’ section eliminates the need for the kids to have their own dedicated tablet or phone unless they want to use it a lot. If the young boys and girls want to spend a lot of time playing games and apps, then the parents will have to buy them, a device anyway because they won’t be able to afford to give their handset that they use all day. If they just want to play now and then that might not have been enough time for parents to spend the money on giving them their own device and the kids would have missed out on game time completely. Now, though, there’s an extra incentive for the parents to buy the Galaxy S5 and the kids will enjoy it too.

The newly developed section will feature a “kids quick panel” that will drop down from the top of the screen. It’s the same area where the adults can find the control sections to adjust what can be used. Taking things a step further, Samsung is predicting this feature to be so successful that they’ve already made plans to include a kids store with learning apps and games for them only. This can be accessed by anyone, but it will need a password and PIN code which the parents can control to stop the kids from making purchases that weren’t advised.

This year Sammy is planning on releasing two Galaxy S5’s: one will be plastic and cheaper, and the other will have a metal body and be the expensive flagship. The latter will debut in June or July, with the budget version due to come out in a matter of days. Hopefully we see this new toddler application center included in both, but we will have to wait and see.