Ev Leaks has managed to leak out yet another great picture, this time of the Lumia 929 which we reported as a device that would be hitting Verizon soon enough. This phone will be coming to stores around the same time as the mega Lumia 1520.

It is very similar in specs and what it does, however, it is obviously much smaller. This one will come in at only 5 inches in size. Both of them will be equipped with the latest and greatest snapdragon chipset. Prices will still be exactly the same, no matter which color you choose to buy. Current reports say $99 on contract and you can buy it for $499 outright.

If you opened up the link provided in the first paragraph, you would have seen the black version in a similar picture. The one we have for you today is the white variant of the 929. The front of the phone is still very much the same, it even looks black like the other photo. But where this has really changed is when you flip it over to the back. The image on the right hand side is, of course, the back panel.

The white looks really nice and offers a good contrast, when flipping the phone. It doesn’t leave it looking too simple, but rather offers a bit more of a complex vibe.

Not to be confused with the Ev Leaks print, the back cover also has some gray branding printed on it which look really neat too.

(Source: Ev Leaks)