Nokia is making their own move in the smart watch scene, according to some leaked pictures that were discovered today. The images don’t show a great deal, so it’s hard to say much of anything about the watch, but it certainly does seem like it’s a Smartwatch.

Nokia and Microsoft were always jumping on the smart watch bandwagon because as soon as one company starts the trend, it’s important for the others to follow for business reasons, just ask Microsoft that when it comes to Smartphones. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll make the same mistake twice, even if they don’t think so highly of the newest technology innovative idea.

Microsoft had recently acquired Nokia, however, the official handover period isn’t coming up for a long time. This still has two teams working separately until this time takes place. It is confusing because the Nokia people really have no future, but it is what it is for now at least.

There were rumors of Nokia teaming up with the Redmond company to collaboratively work on a Smartwatch together, but from the looks of the leaks that might not be the case. It looks like they will have separate products being revealed soon.

CtechCN is the Asian website that managed to come up with these pictures put together. They have been reliable with some good quality leaks this year that we have covered for them.

Source: CtechCN