There’s been some cracking games in the NFL post-season thus far. For some people, it’s hard to watch all the action at this time of the year because of other people and their holidays getting in the way of your perfect-day plans. For Windows Phone owners, that has been made even worse with a hidden bug inside of the official NFL mobile app that has turned the games off so subscribers can’t view it at all.

As we head into the second round games, that issue has now been fixed by the Microsoft team of developers, so if you go ahead and update to the latest version, you won’t have that problem with the screens any more.

This upgrade makes it NFL Mobile if you ever want to look up the specific numbers you can do that.

If you are wondering what action you missed out on today, there was a close game between the Packers and the 49ers, with San Fransisco coming up narrow winners. Prior to that the Chargers got a win over the Bengals. That was somewhat of a surprise because of the kind of year that Cincinnati had up until now. It was a bit of an Andy Dalton choke, as well as a fumble from the promising rookie running back that lead to the Bengals woes.

The next round is set up as entertaining with the Broncos hosting, San Diego and the Saints travelling to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. No matter who is in your way next weekend, try to take over the room because you don’t want to miss these games no matter where you are in the world.

This direct quote is from the Windows Phone store in relation to what happened here:

“As the brand new, redesigned and rebuilt official app of the NFL, NFL Mobile is built to bring football right to your Windows phone! Receive Breaking news, Video highlights, Live game scores, Custom Team News, manage your Fantasy Football Team, and more.”

Via: NFL Mobile