What was originally being documented as the first ever dual SIM Windows Phone is now also going to have 4G connectivity to go along with it. The Smartphone I’m talking about is none other than the Nokia Lumia 635 code-named Moneypenny.

The reason this has become news is from an alleged real screenshot that shows the 4G sign on the screen where it would normally be positioned within the operating system.

There is also a 630 version to go along with the 635 at the same time. As the numbers suggest, we can expect a similar handset with some subtle differences. From what we had read, the 35 is aimed at pre-existing and already built up markets, while the 30 will aim to please the places that are yet to see a lot of the Windows Phone at all. It’s, yet again, and interesting strategy by Microsoft, that in our view, will pay dividends for them. Ever since letting go of Steve Ballmer they have taken a lot of steps in the right direction.

The leaks are significant considering nobody has any idea when exactly we can expect to see these puppies get launched. With that knowledge, it’s safe to say that it isn’t within the next 14 days.

By the numbers the way that they are, we are still expecting to see this display coming in at around 720 x 1280 pixels. Because we are now heading into 2014 — a time when big things are just around the corner — we’ll likely see something added to give these two phones a bit of a kicker and a reason for users to buy. Multiple dual-core snapdragon processors on board each of them isn’t out of the question.

Both will be running the WP 8 OS, but nothing else is set in stone as of yet. Stay tuned for more details on his one

Via: @evleaks