Sure, most roots are fairly simple to do these days. As time goes on, it only gets simplified. About the biggest hassle involved is having to do a few extra steps compared to your buddy on a different device. A pain? Yes. Difficult? No.

Having said that, there’s still lots of novices around as rooting continues to grow popular and there’s certainly no shame in that. If you happen to fall into that boat you should always search for an all in one toolkit for your device. In this instance, that toolkit I’m talking about is in the nexus range, and it is highly regarded as the easiest way to root your Nexus.

If you upgraded to the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, you might be searching for the best way to go root access again. Deem that search over now that the Nexus toolkit is updated to support the 4.3 now.

As usual, it comes free, but donations are always welcome by the original developers generally found over at XDA. The kits comes with backup and restore, advanced utilities such as the launch bar, unlock, root, OEM lock and the “flash stock + unroot” option that will revoke the unchaining and return you back to the stock software.

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