When it comes to advertising I think it’s safe to say that we are all exposed to it often and plentiful. Other than using celebrities to show off the product there isn’t much left to do other than show what it can do, and maybe there is merit to that being what you should do. But if you had to think of something new and eye catchy, the horror theme without crossing any boundaries so that people who are not a fan of the genre can still keep their eyes open, is a good way to start. The key to this is remembering what you saw and keep it sticking in your head.

That’s the first thing to remember when taking a first glance at Microsoft’s latest efforts for the Lumia 2520 tablet commercial is that it may come off a bit strange at first.

With the theme of “for work, for play”, the ad starts off inside a hairdressing salon where a man is sitting in a chair by himself. The words “The hairdressers Assistant” appear briefly on-screen as an introduction. There’s an eerie music playing in the background, and then the worker makes an appearance in his red vest and pale complexion, with big bags under his eyes, as he invades the man’s personal space, just like something would that made you think something isn’t quite right with this guy. He then proceeds to get up really close to him and calls him by the name of, David. By now we know that he must know the guy, possibly because he is a regular customer there to get his hair done.

He then starts speaking about different styles. It is intended to mean different cuts that he could have, but we can see here that it’s opening up to have a hidden agenda — tablet style.

David doesn’t seem interested in anything that he offers until the last option “Mullet”. He immediately changes his tune, and it seems like that could be a good idea because it is “something a little different”. Now we know that this is what the Redmond company are hoping to make as a selling point — a product different to anything else out there. Interestingly enough, the mullet nearly resembles a tablet shape fitted around his head.

The clerk’s assistant then comes out with a platter, and instead of it being the scissors, it ends up being the Lumia 2520. You can see what happens from here by watching the full clip below, thanks to the official YouTube channel.

Via: WMPoweruser