Windows Phone continues to do amazing things to help bridge the gap between them and their toughest competition — Android and iOS. There have been reports of that gap completely closing before we see the new year we are in now end in 364 days. That may seem a little far-fetched, but as we watch with a close eye, the Redmond based company continues to do fantastic things, which we can tell will be passing over positive vibes to eventually contribute towards that goal.

The latest bit of handy works comes by the way of an app called FilmOn TV. This app will give users across America the opportunity to watch free television as long as they have a WP 8 handset.

While it is available to be downloaded now, it is only in its beta stages so it isn’t found in the official Windows app store. We have given the link at the bottom for you to check it out directly. From all reports so far it works a treat and shouldn’t run too rough. It will obviously have some kinks in the iron, however, as this is the software we are talking about and it never, ever works seamlessly.

For some people, delving into an application in these stages isn’t something to take lightly, especially for the less than tech savvy as they are more prone to bugs that will need some handy fingers to begin implementing a workaround to fix it. This can often cause panic stations for the older generation, so maybe it’s best to keep this one under wraps at least for now until we see a final copy be released. Considered it is in its last stages, it won’t be too long until we see it come out.

Once you have it up and running you can even record programs for a limited amount of hours much like you would as an added extra from your cable provider these days. Along with that there is literally more than a hundred different stations users can choose to watch from.

Some people who have started using it already are reporting back with a great looking UI that is also working fluidly for them.