The official iOS 6 won’t be out for at least another month or so, but there are a few ways to get iOS 6 right now. The latest option is getting your hands on the latest beta version which is beta 3.

To do this you will need to head over to the Developer’s Center or “Dev’s Center” as it is known. Once you are there you will have to pay a fee of $99.

Now before you fall off your chair, it really isn’t a bad price (and no I am not part of the marketing team). Let me explain to you why it isn’t bad. There will be many sites trying to sell for you less, in fact much less. Even free, but for the most part, they will be after around $10. These are always unofficial torrents and why the deal may seem sweet. Apple is known to always be hot on the tail to shut these down. Will you get in trouble, I’m not sure, but you may end up losing whatever resources you put into it. It may also just not be working as the real deal so you’re not getting what you really want. This is why if you’re wanting to learn how to get the latest Beta 3 it’s better to just pay up for the real deal.

The other option you have is to go and grab the many features from iOS that are available as 3rd party apps, or apps for Jailbroken devices. There are heaps of them available, and when you put all of them together you will basically have most of them anyway. If you don’t have a jailbroken device you can check out the article here on how to jailbreak your iPhone iPad and iPod touch. If you don’t want to Jailbreak then you have to go back to option A and head back over to the Devs center. Here’s a screenshot of what’s available over at the Devs once you purchase.