The clever folks in the iPhone Dev-Team have just released the updated Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 as your probably already aware. This Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 update has provided much joy among the Jailbreaking community, due to its ease of use in installing Cydia on specific A4 devices. What you may not know, however, is the extra improvements to the tool which allows users to restore their devices to older versions of iOS 5.x firmware.  We have the guide below for those of you who would like restore an older version, or even the same iOS 5.x on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It important to note the following before proceeding with this guide, to ensure your device is compatible:

iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4th Gen – A4 Powered Devices

If you own either the iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th Gen powered via the A4 CPU, provided you have the SHSH blobs of the firmware you would like to downgrade too captured and saved then you will be able to restore to older firmware.

iPad 2

To downgrade the A5 powered iPad 2 you must have SHSH blobs for the 4.x and 5.x firmware both captured and saved. Provided you have these saved you can restore iOS 6 to iOS 5.x. You will only need the 4.x blobs if you are wanting to rollback to iOS 4.x from iOS 5.x.

iPhone 4S/ iPad 3

Provided you have the iOS 5.x blobs saved and HAVE NOT already upgraded to iOS 6 then you will be able to re-restore any iOS 5.x firmware to your device once the extra feature is added to the updated Redsn0w. Unfortunately if you have already updated your device to iOS 6, your stuck for the time being.

Also for any of these features to work on your device you must have upgraded your iOS 5.x firmware via iTunes and not used the OTA method.

As with all tutorials, please back up your device before you begin and proceed at your own risk. Mobicuppa will not take responsibility for any damage or loss of data which may occur to your device during the guide.


Step 1. First you will need to download one of the following depending on the system you are using:

Redsn0w for Mac

Redsn0w for Windows

Step 2. Once downloaded, extract the content and save somewhere easy to find. Then launch Redsn0w on your PC.

OS X Mountain Lion users: Clt-Click on Redsn0w icon then from the menu select ‘Open’.

Windows users: Open and run in Administrator mode.

Step 3. From the main menu, select ‘Extras’ > ‘Even More’ > ‘Restore’.

Step 4. Now click on ‘IPSW’ and select the specific iOS firmware file from the navigation window that you want to restore to.

Step 5. If you need additional firmware files on your PC, you will be notified by Redsn0w and will need to search for and find the IPSW on your PC. You will also be advised to connect your device to your PC via USB in not already done.

Step 6. You will now be presented with a set of alerts and warnings. It is important you read all these carefully.

Step 7. Either locally or remotely locate your saved SHSH blobs and then let Redsn0w work its magic. Your device will be put into recovery mode then restore your device to the iOS firmware version you have selected.