In typical Google-Android fashion, they’re keeping up appearances of being late to the scene in some areas. This time for once it wasn’t with firmware, but with arguably this years most anticipated Android device, the Motorola Moto X, which still hadn’t found its way onto US Cellular yet. That was until today, however, when the first polished work from the pairing of Google and Motorola finally became available on one of the United States biggest mobile networks.

Unfortunately for them, it leaves them trailing far behind the competition with the likes of AT&T is getting them ready for sales back in August.

The good news is that if you are using a US cellular carrier version of this phone you can also unlock it with the new My Moto care portal. Furthermore, they have dropped the price to $199.99 for all orders right out of the gate. This may be an attempt to boost sales somewhat, showing that they are well aware of their late arrival onto the scene. Having said that, you shouldn’t automatically rush out and get one of these because there is also great offers on the board from other carriers around the United States also. Take Sprints for instance, which offers buyers an extra 100 credit to use, which essentially lowers the price to under $100.

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