Nightlies: the automatic build from the code base which is always a little rough around the edges is now out as the Droid DNA as the latest installment of CyanogenMod 10.2.

Keeping in mind that Nightlies is not a final product and any bugs and possible issues will fall on your own shoulders for trying it out, CyanogenMod Nightlies 102 has become available for Droid DNA owners who most likely are searching for something better.

What once was the cream of the crop of mobile devices is now lagging a little behind the growing competition. That can mainly be attributed to the fact that it just isn’t all that new of a device any more, and naturally newer devices are coming out with bigger and better things. If anything, it is slightly impressive how well it has stayed in the game until now. A big reason for that is its giant specs it had when brand new. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that it is now beginning to fall behind and the CyanogenMod team has decided to do something about it.

There is some confusion with this build and what to do with it after reports of the official CM team telling users to wait. That seems to be the case for the first day it was released back on the 7th of September. However, the next 8th Nightlies produced better results which everybody is happy about for now. That news means you can download yours and be fairly confident by the time of reading this.

If you plan on checking it out you will also need to download the correct Google Gapps to go along with it.

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