If you do a lot of correspondence via computer, laptop, mobile or tablet whether it be for business or with friends, there is a great program called Team Viewer which allows you to connect with other devices and get inside them. There can be several reasons to do this, the main one being helped out others that are finding a task difficult. That’s not the only reason, though, and really the list is nearly endless. If you haven’t yet tried it out, I highly recommend it. After being introduced to it by a friend I soon become a regular user.

Now users of Team Viewer on the Android platform can enjoy an updated version to 8.0.1298 which is now an APK app that can be downloaded and used by all, no matter the type of Android you are using as long as it is a smart phone. It can also be used on Android tablets too.

Features of this new update include enhanced remote control access, extra dashboard accessories to help with your tasks and one that hasn’t been previously available at all to my knowledge, transfer files to and from the devices.

Download Team Viewer version 8.0.1298 here.

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