For a long time now there have been talks around the rumor mill about an Amazon Smartphone coming to us some time in the near future. The only problem is that ‘near future’ didn’t seem to become any closer. For that reason, we never bothered covering any Amazon talks at all.

Although nothing is still set in stone, a credible Wall Street Journal journalist has come out to say that they are sure an Amazon mobile is coming our way. Moreover, it might be coming our way free of charge to all people who have an Amazon premium subscription. That notion would make more sense.

With so much talk about an Amazon phone coming, it often is the case that there may have been some merit to the talk. However, there was probably standing in the way of it developing any further. That something might have been that they simply couldn’t develop a good enough phone.

Others are saying that development talks stalled after plans to create a 3D mobile didn’t seem like such a good idea after all, because they essentially flopped in the market. This time around there is no talks of any device involving anything 3D any more.

What’s the solution? Bring out a mobile free to the world. That may there’s no complaining and it still does wondering for endorsing their brand name around the globe.

If we were to follow rumors out of the Wall Street Journal circle, talks have already followed between the giant online brand and the major phone carriers out of the US. The phone could be heading our way shortly. Then again, we have heard that all before.

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