After spending a lot of time covering the partnership between Google and Motorola and the first phone they made together in the Moto X, it was a surprise to hear Motorola come out and say that the most successful Smartphone they have ever made has been its cheaper counterpart called the Moto G. This isn’t playing with words either. Motorola representatives then went on to say that is the highest-selling mobile phone in the history of the company. What it doesn’t confirm, however, is that it made the most money. It sold more handsets because it was so cheap,  but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it made the most profit.

Helping it reach this milestone was the Moto G launching in Europe, Canada, the United States, Latin America, parts of South America and India. The one country that stands out the most is India. India is a place that has lots of people, but they miss out on seeing many great phones because of their high asking price which generally can’t be bought because the currency over in India is much weaker.

The only way to make sense of this is that it sold so many units because of its cheap price. It’s no secret that people love a bargain, and if they can find a phone for the right price that still has impressive features inside, then that’s what they will try to find. That describes the Moto G perfectly as it was one of the best bits of value for money on the market.

One thing we love about the Moto G is the interchangeable covers and colors that go with it. Motorola employees could also give you a “friends With Moto” discount when shopping for a new phone.

Earlier on this month, Fry’s has the Verizon prepaid version of the ‘G’ for $89.

At the start of the year Lenovo acquired Motorola off Google. The Lenovo CEO Yang is confident the Chinese multinational technology company can make a profit.