The Moto X Smartphone that is a symbol of the old partnership between Google and Motorola before Motorola was eventually sold and bought by Lenovo has made its way to the land down under in Australia.

We have reported on this phone since the rumors began in 2013, and Motorola made it clear that it is a Smartphone that would be staying in the United States and the international countries would be getting a similar, but cheaper version of this mid-range Smartphone. Presently, after all this experience, I am still excited to finally say that people in Australia can have access to buying one for themselves, instead of the watered down DVX version that turned out to be a good phone in its own right. However, nothing can ever compare to the real thing.

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The price will start at $549 AUD, which is still more expensive than I would have liked to have seen it. Given that this handset started off as a good-value mid-range mobile phone over in the States, it is surprising to still see the hefty price tag Aussies will have to pay. The excellent report is that, in Australia, many smartphones come free with a 2 year contract, and if that’s something you would consider doing, it isn’t a bad option to go down that path. I usually tell people in my homeland to steer clear of anything unless it is a flagship considering you get it for free, but because I love the Moto X so much, I say buy it.

Here in Aus, phone carriers are a little different, and there’s only three that dominate the markets. Telstra is known as the carrier that provides the greatest coverage, but they are also the most costly. Optus is the next best, and they are good value for money, however, I know for a fact that they struggle in certain rural areas, and because we do not know if this phone will be Blue tic or not yet, that could end up being a problem. Vodafone is the other phone carrier we would consider signing up to if this does end up becoming available by them. The first two should be considered locked-in and definite sellers of this one.

This device comes with a Motorola M8 system chip that’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro. It also has a dual core 1700 MHz Krait processor which we love. The technology in the display is an AMOLED with 720 x 1280 pixels and a pixel density of 316 ppi. The screen itself is 4.7 inches big. It comes with 16 GB built-in storage and a maximum of 12 GB user storage on top of that. The battery gives out 13 hours of talk time, and it has up to 10 days of stand-by time. Because it is a Google phone there’s native YouTube, Picasa and Google +.

The Moto X originally come out on the 1st of August 2013.

Australia is notorious for having expensive products, so although it might look expensive at first glance when you are used to looking at overseas markets, it still comes at a price that’s worth considering. I will be recommending this Smartphone to a few people I know who are looking to upgrade to something newer. There’s still five months until this handset has its first birthday so it is still relatively new on the market. One thing Aussies will not get to enjoy is the Moto maker, which is the online store that lets customers customize the device with a wide-range of different colour. It looks as though only the black and white models will be available for now.