We said once more than one carrier jumped on board that there would be a strong chance of the others following suit very quickly, and today sources are saying that T-Mobile could be the next big phone carrier to hold the Moto Maker service that allows people to customize their Moto X handsets.

Sprint was the company that just started offering the service this week. Before then it was an AT&T exclusive.

This report has come from a tweet headed EvLeaks way that suggests this Friday will be the day the service opens. Verizon is also said to be offering the same thing before Christmas for the holidays, but that will take some more time to confirm.

How far the new custom options will extend is not yet known,. There is a chance that the smaller carriers such as Rogers and US Cellular don’t end up getting it at all. That will more than likely depend on eventual sales of the Google Smartphone.

Via: @evleaks