Some are calling it nothing more than a gimmick, but screen resolutions are ready to take a big jump up from what he know and love as current full high-definition. Nearly 4 times stronger than what we see today, a 4k display is what Samsung is calling the next big thing.

Gimmicks have had plentiful lately, including the other technology that hit us in 2013 — the flexible display. When we were first shown the flex, we all thought we would be bending our phones like the demo’s suggested, but in fact that was just the screen being shown. Instead of a whole phone being flexible in the near future, news broke yesterday of 2014 bringing in an even more flexible display followed by a complete fold-able display in 2015. That doesn’t solve the problem of the phone not bending, and it seems we might be on a similar path of uselessness with screen displays.

The fact remains that very few human eyes will even be able to tell the difference between a 4k resolution and what we have now because the screens are already so small. If it were to be a TV on the other hand, then that definitely would be a plus. For now, though, we aren’t talking TV’s, we are just talking about the little handheld mobile phones. What it could do is expand the reason to create bigger Smartphones, and then it would be viewable at least. With that being said, all the latest rumors of Apple expecting to finally give in and give us a bigger iPhone 6 than what we are seeing now in their latest efforts with the iPhone 5 may well be true for the display side of things if nothing else. A 4,000 resolution would leave the current iPhone retina display for dead when viewed up close and magnified.