As long as you are willing to go on contract with AT&T as a phone carrier, you can have the LG G Flex on a two-year contract for only $149. That deal is better than the other current deal where phone carrier Sprint will let you have the G Flex for $299 on the same contract. Both of the phones will be coming to you from Amazon. Without any contract at all the G Flex will set you back $694.99 if you want to buy it outright.

If you buy this G Flex Smartphone directly from AT&T instead of shopping at Amazon it will cost $299. Don’t ask us how they manage to create such a deal, but the same phone carrier is doing this depending on where you buy it from. It’s highly possible the Amazon site has ordered too much stock on this one and are looking to get the handsets out the door. Take nothing away from the pioneer of curved displays, though, because this phone does exactly as advertised, and if you like what you’ve read about it, there’s no reason you won’t want to own one. We aren’t here to try to sell you the deal on the website’s behalf, so we’ll let you decide by yourselves and just fill you in on as much information as we have on the topic.

When this Smartphone launched the manufacturers weren’t sure how successful it would be and because of that they only launched it in selected Asian regions. It then made its way to the United States through some online purchases where technology websites that cover mobile phones did “hands-on’ articles about them and showed lots of pictures. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are in the United States because you can buy it direct from Amazon. Many countries outside of the States can view the Amazon website, however, they won’t ship the orders to them. This means they are excluded from this deal unless you have family or friends that live in America and you send it to them first.

The LG G Flex has a really big 6-inch 720p P-OLED panel that comes with RGB stripe pixel structure. The display comes with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels with a pixel density of 245 ppi. There’s also a light sensor and a proximity sensor. It also has a curved display that can withstand a certain amount of flex when applied with physical pressure. The camera is 13 megapixel with a LED flash that also comes with a Back-illuminated sensor. The system chip is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974. You should find the specs are identical to the international version of the same model.