Microsoft have flicked the switch of late to being a company of innovation and not copying others. They seem to have had enough of trying to play catch up and have realized that if they came out with their own ideas, much like what got them into this mess in the first place, then they could come out ahead as long as they are good ideas.

Something that couldn’t really go wrong was taking away Xbox exclusive games, like Halo, and then using a character from it inside their devices. Such was the case for the Windows Phone virtual assistant set to rival Apple Siri named Cortana. For those who don’t know Cortana was part of Halo.

Now there is news of Windows Phone using the name Goldfinger for their next handset, or at least that is what it is code-named as. Goldfinger in itself doesn’t have any direct alliance with the Redmond company that we are now aware of. However, it does have a golden idea: 3D touch technology is coming on it. This could also be Microsoft’s next flagship handset we could be seeing.

The new idea of making things 3D could be brought in to coincide with the new folding displays coming next year that fold over the sides of the handsets. If the touch censoring works as planned, it would make use of the sides by making the phones easier to open up and unlock. It follows a similar theme of people being able to read the screen from more side on without having to make so much effort to have it right in front of your face.

Via: The Verge