If you are in the hunt for a new Smartphone then Microsoft is looking to make your choice easier by offering customers $70 worth of free apps if they so happen to choose to buy into the more expensive Nokia Lumia mobiles. The list that is eligible includes the 928, 920, the new 1520 phablet sized handset and the 1020. As the numbers go higher, this means the device has more specs, and as such, is worth more money. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the cheaper ones, in fact one of my favorites funnily enough is a step down a notch from all of those mentioned. However, if it’s the free apps you want, it has to be one of those mentioned in the list.

The offer extends all the way to January 15, near the end of the Christmas holidays. It will only be available for patrons living inside of the United States, so all overseas customers will either have to get that sucker shipped, or hope one of your online friends comes up with the goods.

The deal ends up to equating to $70 when you apply the first lot of $20 automatic credits to go along with the pre-order deal for the new Lumia 1520 phablet which will then give you the extra $50. The deal isn’t all it seems on the surface, but it still is a good saving if apps are what you plan on purchasing.

The idea of giving free app credit for Microsoft products is nothing new, and interestingly enough, it is the application side of things that so dearly lets Windows Phone down. It is also the biggest reason why they struggle to get new customers. Even though this deal doesn’t really create any new apps coming in, it does make people aware of what existing ones there already are. Something that the Redmond company hopes will work for their marketing. While there are no figures suggesting it either is or isn’t working, the latest polls show the Windows Smartphone is performing better than ever before around most places in the world and even back home in the U.S.

Via: WMPoweruser