Metroon is a Windows 8 Theme for iPhone that focuses on the current MS UI that is designed exactly like the real Windows 8 Metro UI that was made stock for all Microsoft Windows 8 software. Now you can get this goodness for your Apple iPhone thanks to Metroon.

The best factor about this Windows 8 Theme for iPhone is that it exist at the same time with the current stock iOS because it’s Dream-board centered concept.


For those that aren’t aware what Dream-board is; Dream board is a high level Theming Foundation which allows you create many different things – from icons to applications where ever you want. Dream-board requires teeming beyond just symbols, or removes the need of Iconoclasm, Spring-jumps, and others alike that are required in order to get many Winter-board styles.

Once you have bought the Metroon (which is available from Cydia Store for only $1.50) Windows 8 Theme for iPhone it will also set up Dream-board and just one tap from within Metroon will change the theme from the normal iOS to the beautiful Metro look Windows 8 is now using for their desktop. Dream-board creates this changing fast and smooth.
Settings area of Metroon allows you select all of the colours and design aspects to get the look exactly how you would like. Very easy to do be yourself. With an Endless variety areas for you to put your new designed themes in, it allows you to have an unlimited quantity of sel created and designed themes saved that can quickly be used from within the concept.

How To Install Metroon the Windows 8 Theme for iPhone – Install Metroon is easy; just follow this quick setup tutorial.

  1. To set up Metroon, your iPhone must be jailbroken. This is a must guys, it won’t work with a jailbroken iPhone! If you haven’t Jailbroken your device yet and you wish to, you can find the right guide for you in our Jailbreak section that you can select from the menu bar above. If you are unsure about anything we are available to be contacted by email or you can leave a comment for us to check out and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help.
  2. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, start Cydia app; and from there its easy.
  3. Go to Look for Tab and hunt for Metroon.
  4. Purchase it and set up it, it’ll also set up Dream-board app.
  5. Open Dream-board app and allow Metroon and thats it you’re finished.
  6. Now you can enjoy the goodness!

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