The Machinarium app is a brand new game for iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. It’ s a puzzle game that offers some really cool and creative game play.


In the Machinarium app your taken into your own world of robots where your going to solve cryptic puzzles. Your going to need your wits about you in this game. The puzzles and walk through challenges are just that, challenging. As a bonus, you get a bunch of mini levels in which you will need your character Josef to find his robot girlfriend who is lost in the city.

I touched on earlier about the games creativity. if you’ve taken a look at the featured clip above you’ll see some visually stunning and indeed different graphics than you’re probably used to seeing. This is because the games graphics are actually completely hand drawn, an amazing feat. The first time i was exposed to this much graphic creativity was back on 2006 when a movie called A Scanner Darkley hit the shelves featuring Robert Downey Jr and Keanu Reeves. While it’s not a direct comparison at all, they both started something graphically that I had never seen before. Something that the game does actually remind me of though, is the hit animation film called 9. The two worlds draw a striking resemblance in my opinion.

If your interested in Checking out the app you can do so from the following direct links.

Machinarium for iPhone & iPad from the App store.

Machinarium for Android from the Google Play store.

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