If you were around long enough to remember a game called Micro Machines for the original PlayStation and probably other consoles alike, then you’ll also remember how much fun it was to play. While it was far from a realistic driving experience you can’t deny it was a great game, especially for playing against a friend. maybe it was the game-play of a turning screen that sometimes had you driving in the wrong direction, or maybe its just the fact that Micro Machines were so cool. Either it was a great game and Mini Motor Racing follows in its footsteps rather nicely.

Mini motor racing

The Mini Motor Racing game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and all Android devices is about as close to a must play as you can get if you’re a racing fan. Again, it’s not a realistic experience so if your that kind of racer only then forget it. The Mini Motor racing game follows in the foot steps of its past predecessor, Micro Machines, in the weaving camera angle that just wont sit still, leaving racers not worrying about tyre grip so much and more about whether their minds can keep up with what way to turn next. I’ll be the first to admit it can be frustrating at times, but once you get the gist of it your bound to enjoy the fruity fun it offers.


Purchase Mini Motor racing from the Google Play store here or from the App Store here.

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