LG USA Mobile have sent out a tweet from their official twitter account that’s anything but cryptic. The tweet comes with a picture showing candy (or Lollipop) graphics over the lettering for the words “Coming Soon.” It doesn’t give us an exact date on when “soon” is, but we can assume it’s going to be tomorrow and it won’t be too far away. If I was to guess I’d say it’s roughly a week or two away still and the tweet is to calm people down who are surly asking them when it is arriving by the dozens daily. Read more about the new candy software update coming to your ‘Life’s Good’ smartphone after the jump.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is the software update that brings the new material design user interface, a new app drawer also with material design, Android RunTime replacing the old version of Dalvik, Android Beam,  a new bunch of smart notification features, tap and go NFC payments, Google security patches and a complete security overall, a new Flappy Bird Easter Egg and more. If you are a person who knows the old Flappy Bird iPhone game before it was taken down by its Asian developer, you might have been stupid enough not to save the game before it disappeared from the Apple app store. If that’s the case you’ll surly love the new Easter Egg the Android developers have included. They always make a habit of creating a new Easter Egg for every major release of Android software. You can check it out by accessing the Settings menu and tapping on the build number.

Lollipop coming soon LG

LG promised their customers they were doing everything possible to bring Lollipop to their devices as quickly as possible. They did that for a few of the overseas markets, but sadly the United States were left. You might think it sounds strange leaving a market like the US behind others, but many of the Asian-based manufacturers do look after their home countries first. Anyway, once things go to the US they split up in several different carrier networks. Things then get tricky once again with that because carriers have the last say when their specific devices will see an update. However, with this being a major release it could happen at the same time or only a matter of days apart.

As soon as the first build starts arriving as a notification over the air users can accept the system messages by tapping the “install” option from the display. Remember this will be a large update that takes a while to finish installing. Furthermore, it will use up roughly 500 MB of data. You don’t want that coming from your mobile data allowance. Additionally, a WiFi connection is faster so the download will finish quicker and you’ll skip the high traffic over the network. High network traffic can cause instability which may lead to freezes during the installation.

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