Three of the main handsets under the Motorola name are all eyeing the Android 4.4.4 KitKat updates soon. Two of them are already finding the over the air signals arriving to their devices as a system alert, while the Moto X 2013 addition is finding the staged roll out starting during February. Strangely, there is no build number issued during the official change log.

Of course, we already know the last stage of KitKat to come to the same devices under different phone carrier network. The new software update here is only for the Republic Wireless brand who are usually late on the scene because they are not as large a company as the others who find the updates rolling out before them. While untimely updates are one downside to use RW as a network, their love and attention to detail during the change log and support pages is something you won’t find from larger networks such as Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. You can read the official support page from here.

Moto X Republic Wireless

It appears as though they have a dedicated “product guy” employee behind the desk who gives amazing status updates about what users will find inside the new firmware. In this instance, get ready for the immersive mode which shows nothing but the content on the screen real estate when using certain things such as applications. Furthermore, you’ll have a revamped phone app, new functionality, performance improvements, the new Android 4.4.4 KitKat number under the About Device section and a new “Activation process” for a quicker start-up experience when starting with your first Republic Wireless handset. The latter probably won’t be much use to most who already have the phones, but the rest of the features will work a treat.

Those erring with caution ought to back up the device by using the built-in backup feature. Check out your user manuals for backing up help or do a friendly Google search about the query and you’ll likely find the results you are after. If you don’t want to back up using the default feature, try installing a third-party application from Google Play.

Sadly, for Moto X 2013 owners under the Republic Wireless subscription, this is not the Android 5.0 Lollipop update even though other networks are already running Lollipop. The official change log does address those concerns and basically tries to make you feel sorry for the Carrier network who tried very hard to push out this installment instead.

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