All the LG G watches worldwide slapped around the wrist should receive a new OTA software update that moves the build number to LWX48P. It is the Android 5.0 Lollipop update coming for the Android Wear smartwatches. There is six watches all getting this update this week and the G Watch is one of the lucky ones. What’s more, all the zip files for each different device are readily available. Flashing them is easier said than done, though.

Those with the Motorola Moto 360 don’t have any option to install the OTA file manually because it cannot connect to the PC. However, that hasn’t stopped the OTA from becoming available. That should give you a fair assessment of how much practicality comes with the files. The others are reportedly easier to flash since they can connect to most computers. You must side-load the file and install it that way. Those of you wanting to download the file can get it here: platina LWX48P from KNX01Q.

LG G Watch

As you probably know already, all over the air releases roll out to devices in stages. It’s no different from with the smartphones. The software itself does change dramatically from the version on the LG G3 and any other phone you have that’s compatible. The first LG G3 handset to get Android 5.0 Lollipop was early to mid November. The Vodafone UK variant of the G3 is witnessing Lollipop now. Since several of the phones in the “Life’s Good” companies lineup are finding Lollipop arriving over the air it’s important the Android Wear range of watches updated for developers.

There is no official change-log out by LG, so we don’t know the specific goodies inside. However, Motorola did release a change-log for theirs and since it comes with the same build number, we can safely assume it’s a similar deal. According to the “Hello Moto” company, it comes with third-party watch faces, battery and storage stats, Quick Settings, UI improvements, bug fixes and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The new watch faces let users choose from a bunch of public versions available from the Google Play Store. All you must do is configure them through the Android Wear application. Performing a swipe gesture down from the top of the screen reveals a new Quick Settings menu where you have access to important features you likely use most often. You might recall the control center from iOS 7 where it all first started. The different UI lets users undo dismissals of notification cards which happen by accident sometimes. Installing the 5.0 Lollipop means the everything’s running smoothly between platform for developers and you guys. You have in-depth analysis of battery statistics from the Android Wear app where it reveals which apps are using the battery the most and where the performance lies. The last feature on the list is the important bug fixes where you now have a watch that runs smoother than earlier.

You know the drill once you see the system notification: tap the “download” button, followed by the “install now” option. The watch reboots itself after the flashing is complete. Do not turn off the watch until it reboots because shutting down during the flashing process can harm the device.