Thanks to a Phone Arena tip from a reader, the LG G Flex will be getting a 4K resolution video update that will come in the Android 4.4 KitKat. It’s not all word of mouth this time either, as we have managed to feast our eyes on the real source code found in the making of it, and it does tell us that the 4K is there. With that being said, until we see it in life, nobody is 100% certain because it’s always possible to fake the source codes.

After being launched there hasn’t been a lot of news on the G Flex other than rumors starting now about a second edition coming in 2014. The first one was only an entry-level phone, but it did come with amazing features like the curved display and the scratch resistant body that can absorb any light scratches and heal itself back to normal.

As a refresher, Android KitKat brings many new features to the table. There’s a new phone dialer that brings better design and functionality over the last Jelly Bean build. Funnily enough many of us seem to forget that the main purpose of having a Smartphone is to make calls from. It’s important Android continue to grow in this area so we don’t lose focus on arguably the main aspect of the phone. Keeping things fresh and offering people something they don’t already have is also good or else they might buy a different Smartphone next time that’s Windows Phone or iPhone and away from the Android name.

Why is this dialer better than the last? There’s an option at the top of the bar that display our most frequent contacts. These are now easily accessed because lets face it, we generally have a few people we contact more than the rest. You can also type in descriptive words like “toy shop” and Google will search the local area around you that has shops like “Toy’s ‘R’ Us” or “Frank’s Toys” just to name a few around me.

There’s also HCE or host card emulation that lets you read and write NFC as long as you have a device using KitKat. This is especially helpful for the older handsets that don’t have NFC chips already built-in. Now they can use this to make payments and things like that. The design of the operating system is now changed.

The transparent buttons down the bottom and the notification bar across the top are two of the more notable areas. The notification bar changes again once we get into Android 4.4.2 where it’s been made all white. The first KitKat builds have mostly white here, but also some other colors like orange. The idea was that it’s easier to see with all white even if it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing.