LG was announced as having the flexible display at exactly the same time as Samsung, only the South Korean company managed to bring it out first with the Galaxy Round. That managed to be launched and released in very quick succession, presumably so that they get all of the spotlight.

How do you beat that? If you’re going to be fashionably late then you will want to have an even better product to launch, and it seems LG has done just that with the Lg G Flex or so it has been named so far. This will be the Life’s Good version of the flexible displayed Smartphone.

When Samsung let out the Curve it was cool to see, but it didn’t really scream out “buy me,” it was just the fact that it had newer technology on board. This one, however, really does look amazing and knocks the socks off of the previous one style wise. Once can only assume it will also be more mid to high end compared to the cheap looking Round.

You can see the image that has been leaked originally be Engadget here:

This one also has a noticeably larger curve in it, depicting the bending motion much more. The whole phone is actually bending this time around instead of just a screen that has the capabilities locked in a hard shell. This is much more like what we were hoping to see. This is the kind of thing that got us all excited in the first place.