2014 is going to go down in the books as a really big year for the technology sector, one of those stories to evolve in that time will be the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 which according to a report posted today will be January of the new year.

The Galaxy Note 3 has been Samsung’s most recent work, and even though technically it is a phablet and not a phone, it still plays an integral role in determining the South Korean company’s success.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, Samsung were also the same company to reveal the Galaxy Round which has possibly changed Smartphones as we know them from here on out. The Round is the first one of its kind of feature a flexible display and by all reports they look to be the goods and exactly what consumers want.

It’s hard enough to confirm something next week when it comes to these kind of companies, so take this report with a grain of salt. With that being said, it is what we have been told as of today, just don’t bet your life against it is another day or else you may find yourself burred far too soon.

In any case, whether it is the exact date or not, it would seem this time period at least will very much remain true.

The rumor was originally posted by a Korean journalist who covers this particular niche extensively.

If you are thinking that the features image looks remarkably a lot like the Galaxy S4, that’s because it is so don’t go thinking this is what we can expect the next generation flagship mobile to look like, because it isn’t it.

In terms of specs or anything of the nature, it is always risky to say the least in believing any small talk, however, just for the record, there is talk of a 64-bit octal-core Exynos processor coupled with a 16 mega pixel camera.