Many people were against the notion of Apple bringing out a budget iPhone, but the fact is they just might have needed it. The days where only iPhone’s exist are well beyond us, even if your mother and father are not yet aware. If others couldn’t match iPhones brilliance and quality, then they’d do it another way. They did it by creating a cheap product that still appeals to a lot of people, after all, it’s rare to find people with a bundle of extra cash these days. So along came the competitors such as Android and co. Android brought out a wide range of different products made by a host of different carriers and quickly grew into the leading mobile based platform in the world. If this wasn’t news enough to start going into competition and releasing something a little less costly, then I don’t know what is.

Apple, seemingly, felt the same and although making something cheap and less quality was never in their code, they decided to join in and compete. That was speculation for a long time, however, now it is all but confirmed.

The long-awaited budget iPhone product line is expected to be released at the same time as the iPhone 5S is revealed to the world. That should be some time this summer during a big press event. The summer time is always every popular for technology companies to bring out their latest work’s, and you can expect Apple’s competitors to be fiercely on their toes also getting ready to launch their latest efforts.

As with most things these days — especially if it’s Apple — it didn’t take long for somebody to risk their jobs to leak out an image of what Apple have been hiding in the wake of its release. We have seen plenty of images. Most appearing very similar, leaving viewers satisfied with what they are looking at is indeed real. What we haven’t seen, however, is any kind of perspective as to its size. Now we have a budget iPhone shell sitting right next to an iPhone 5 (not the 5S) so you can get a real good feel as to its exact size.

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