Just when we thought that Apple had the perfect screen size all figured out, it seems they have had a last-minute change of heart with the latest iPhone 5S, which is launching any time now. This set back will undoubtedly set their entire plans back, including the release date and press event.

If we go back to last year’s release of the iPhone 5, Apple claimed to have what they thought was the best possible screen size possible, claiming that bigger isn’t always better. If anything this was in response to Samsung’s Galaxy S3, having been released only just before it, which possessed a very large screen. Since then it doesn’t seem Apple’s famous last words took much appeal around to other companies, and they continued to create large screened devices.

All this is very interesting if you take into account that Apple’s last-minute change will result in a ‘bump’ in size and not a reduction. Are they reacting to something? Apple is no longer leading in innovation and having to cover others successful implementations? The alleged increased size will now see devices made with a 4.3 inch display, still nowhere near as large as some of the biggest. We’d love to find out exactly why the change occurred and what is going through Apple’s minds, but that is of course nothing but a wish list.

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