When Siri first came out, she was one of the best things tech had seen in a long time. People couldn’t go out to get their hands on a new iPhone 4S quick enough, even if it meant breaching a plan and getting a fresh one. Designers no doubt faced many a problem when putting in the hard yards to get Siri up and running. One of those issues would have to be which voice to pick. You have no choice but to pick either a male or a female voice, leaving the other left for dead right? That was the case until now. So what’s the solution? To make an update that gives users the chance to pick which one they want.

Being slightly more popular with men, as tech seems to always be, the Cupertino company opted to go with an easy on the ears lady voice and named her Siri. That’s not to say that there isn’t a big part of the world’s population that wanted a male voice. Are you one of them? It doesn’t yet have a male name as far as I know, but here’s how doing it is possible:

Changing Siri To A Male Voice

1. Navigate to the settings icon.

2. Click on the general option.

3. Click on the Siri button.

4. Look for an option ‘voice gender’ and click on it.

5. Now make your choice from either male or female.

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