I’ve always mentioned the reason of iPhone slipping behind Android — price and so many models and prices to choose from. Having a system like this is a no brainer, as it clearly gives something to offer to just about everyone out there. I’ve been through this before, so I won’t again, but this is relevant now because according to Chinese website, Weibo, we can expect to see not one but two versions of budget iPhone coming to us this year.

This is of course nothing more than a report so far, which is true. However, it does seem to make good sense if what I said earlier has any truth to it. After all, the real budget iPhone isn’t even confirmed yet anyway.

Now nothing is confirmed, but we do have a long history of checking out leaks. This just adds up to yet another budget iPhone appearance seemingly almost exactly the same as the rest. In my opinion, it’s almost a lock for at least one of them to look like this. As for the other one which was revealed today, the more and more reports which begin to surface showing nearly the same thing will give us more and more confidence is gaining closer to what should be next to the confirmation on the Zenvo and Zagato Bertone. Right now, though, I would take these names with a grain of salt. It’s rare to see rumors spot on the money, and normally if things don’t make sense then don’t believe it. As of now I have no clue about why these iPhones would have an Italian sports car sounding names.

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