A new software update is rolling out over the air to Sprint subscribers who own the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the United States. The new build number is L710VPUCNJ2 and it keeps the Android 4.4.2 KitKat name. The basis of Android 4.4.2 which we already know is a white status bar, white navigation bar, immerisve mode, cloud printing, full screen album art from the lock screen, movie art from the lock screen, new emoji icons, landscape keyboard changes and a new location menu. You already know all that from past updates.

This time users are finding HD voice icon support and Google security patches in the latest installment. All you have to do to equip these features on your device is accept the “download” and “install” options when they appear on your devices display. You are advised to press the buttons only when you are around a stable WiFi connection and not the mobile data plan. You will bypass any unwanted data charges that way and you’ll miss the high network traffic.

Galaxy S3

Apart from the aforementioned features, there’s nothing else coming from the official support page about this update. Though, we have known OEMs to include minor tweaks and bug fixes that they are not addressing via the change-log. You can read the support page from here.

You don’t automatically suffer data loss by updating the software. However, if you get stuck in a boot loop or the devices isn’t working properly you may need a factory reset. Those who prefer erring on the side of caution should backup the data using the built-in backup feature. Otherwise you can install third-party applications from Google Play to help.