A new T237PVPU1ANL1 software update is rolling out over the air for Sprint subscribers owning the Samsung Galaxy tab 4. The new firmware lands on Android 4.4.2 KitKat which we have already known for many months. The basis of Android 4.4.2 comes with goodies such as transparent navigation bars, transparent status bar, wireless printing, cloud printing, new emoji icons, new landscape keyboard, full screen album art from the lock screen, new location menu and immersive mode for having content full screen when viewing applications.

Tab 4 owners will already have all of that and are now finding some new features and improvements coming in the new build while still keeping the same 4.4.2 numbers. Inside you will find the kids mode app. Kids mode is a new feature embedded in Android software which lets parents separate their content from the children. By allowing your kids to have the tablet in kids mode, you are blocking them off from parts of the tablet you don’t want them access; thus making it the perfect tablet for sharing around the family.

Galaxy Tab 4

As usual, the new T237PVPU1ANL1 firmware is being pushed out in stages to all owners. It can take several days until it finds all inbox’s. You will be automatically notified with a system messages when it is available on your device for installation. Simple tap the “download” and “install” options from the display to start the installation process. They always recommend you start the download over the WiFi connection and not the mobile data plan. That way you avoid any unwanted mobile data charges and bypass the high traffic over the network.

Those wanting to learn more can access the official changelog from this page here. The support page doesn’t give any further information apart from what we mentioned earlier. However, sometimes OEM’s do include bug fixes and other enhancements without publicly declaring them as inside. That means if you are someone who is experiencing a buggy operating system, it’s beneficial for your to apply the same.

Those of you wishing to install the file manually can do so by visiting this link here. You already know what to do: download Odin 3.09 and extract the file to the desktop of the computer. Boot the tablet in download mode and connect it to the computer with the USB cable. Now upload the official T237PVPU1ANL1 file to the AP button. Do not adjust any of the default settings in the Odin application and click the Start button to begin the flashing. It will prompt you when it’s finished with a ‘pass’ message and the ID: COM port changing color. Those of you who find a ‘fail’ message want to try installing different Samsung USB drivers and try again.

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