This one is sure to start-up some debates, but if parents are going to let their kids have mobile phones, then companies might as well aim at making them suitable for their age groups. That’s what Kuios had done when they revealed to the world their latest Smartphone that has more parental controls than any others that are out there on the market, according to reports.

“Kids want cell phones, but with access to this technology comes great responsibility. Kurio Phone includes more parental controls to discuss safety concerns that come along with giving a child a mobile device, but they also promote the child’s independence and help foster an open parent-child dialogue.”

It still doesn’t mean there is a perfect solution for handing over one of these handsets and know that the young ones are doing everything you would approve of. The main reason for that is because it still relies on the parents themselves putting the controls into operation.

For example, if it’s the numbers you want to block for texting and calling, then it is you that still need to enter the details to make that happen. If you want a limit set in place for how much money is spent at a time, then it is you who need to do that also. And so the story goes on until everything is the way you want it for the kids.

Dating back to last year, we blogged about an app that can take pictures of the front facing camera when somebody foreign is attempting to unlock it. That is now a native feature in this phone and is also a big part of its selling point for security.

Kurio isn’t the biggest name in the phone business, and for that reason, don’t expect a complete problem free, amazing device coming to you. If it wasn’t for their tablet range that came out as “family ready” back in 2012, we wouldn’t even know they were around.

It’s also a challenge to try to find anything to do with specs at this point in time, but that all might be coming later on down the track. That likely won’t be the reason for your purchase in this area of the market, though. Chances are it will be priced very low and something affordable so the parents have no problem paying for it when shopping for their family.

You can see what it looks like by taking a look at the small image we have included here, or by clicking the source link through to the official website where there is some full size picture available.

If the wallet is limited within the household, then it might be a good idea to see how somebody else goes with this one before you jump into purchasing it. Then you can work out its faults, it’s reliability, and sum up what you think about it.

Via: Kurio