So long as you are a subscriber to the AT&T network, a new android 4.4.2 software update is rolling in your direction for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini model number i257. The new build number is KOT49H.I257UCU2BNF5 and its main purpose is bringing in the VoLTE support. VoLTE stands for Voice Over LTE which connects  calls twice as fast as a normal connection. Furthermore, those with 4G can find their battery life increasing with VoLTE. In addition to those two wonderful features, the call quality is far superior compared to 3G connections so you’ll hear the voices better.

The new device software is available for consumers over WiFi. Try to skip using the mobile data because it comes with unwanted data charges and a whole heap of network traffic from others installing the same. The new firmware over the air update is between 102MB-595MB, depending on what the current firmware version is on the device. That means if you are up to date already it likely won’t be over 100 MB’s.

Galaxy S4 Mini

The VoLTE software update comes with v4v6 for IMS PDN while roaming, SIM less 911 Dialing update, ISIM SQN re-sync for VoLTE registration and VoLTE inter-op call hold. The official changelog readers will find here doesn’t mention anything else. There is no reports of bug fixes or stability improvements. However, it’s rare to not find anything along similar lines included in any update. If you are suffering from bugs it’s a great idea to update nonetheless and see if it fixes your problem.

As many of you know already, FOTA’s come in any different stages for all customers. Some already found the new update available since the 16th of December and others will continue to find it available over the next few days. Some updates take several weeks to find everybody.

When the notification eventually does arrive for your device you can tap the “download,” followed by “install now” boxes on the display. Otherwise you can choose to put the installation on hold for when you are around WiFi. Navigate to Settings > More > About Device > Software Update > Check For Updates and start the installation that way. To make sure you are running the new software after you complete the installation you must navigate to Settings > More > About Device and look for the I257UCU2BNK1 baseband version.

Obviously the talk is all about Android 5.0 Lollipop of late and owners are wondering when it’s arriving for them. There is no official Lollipop in sight for the S4 Mini. However, the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is witnessing Lollipop rolling out now so it’s not far away.