The Indian version of the LG G3 from the “Life’s Good” Company is finding a new V20e-IND-XX software update rolling out over the air that boosts the OS to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The build number associated with the same is  LRX21R.A14117618145. It’s unusual to find a software and build number for the same installment so you may want to check out both if you are hunting around for further information.

If you aren’t familiar with OTA’s we can tell you that they arrive at different times for device owners. That means you might beat your friends and have yours ready today, or you could be waiting until next week until you find any software update. They always arrive automatically as a notification to you alerts so you don’t need to do anything. However, most phone carrier networks tell consumers to install updates using the WiFi and not the mobile data. That’s especially true in this case because of the large file size. The total file size for the 5.0 Lollipop on the LG G3 in India is over 1 GB from the mobile support tool available for computer. The official OTA’s come in much less ,around half of that data. Therefore, you should expect only around 500 MB. You don’t want that coming off your monthly data allowance. Furthermore, lots of people create high network traffic which you want to avoid.

Android Lollipop

So, if you are preferring to not accept the ‘download” and “install now” option on the screen because you are away from the WiFi when you receive the notification, you can navigate to the “Update center” application and check if your OTA update is available from there. Note that reports suggest the Lollipop is only available from computer today. However, we are predicting the official over the air signals to start rolling over the next few days or even sooner.

Those of you erring on the side of caution will prefer backing up the device data before starting. Make copies of the phone contacts, SMS texts, call logs, pictures, music and video footage.

Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with a vast array of features including new material design UI, material design app drawer, notification cards, smart notification, notification with the “do not disturb” feature, notification from the lock screen as cards, revamped recent apps menu, Android RunTime replaces Dalvik virtual machine, new battery saving mode and much more. Some of our standout features include the Easter Egg that rips off Flappy Bird, Knox security framing making root access harder, real-time shadows, soft keys, Gmail face lift, 3D multitasking, 64-bit CPU support, support for Android TV and others.

As usual, we love hearing your take on the software so let us know in the comments. Do you think it’s a great deal better than KitKat. Perhaps you are not impressed? Or do you have some suggestions that you think should be included in a future version of Lollipop? Tell us below!