What happens when you stick an Apple logo sticker on the back of an old Casio watch and take to the streets to interview people about it? Watch the video below taken directly from the Jimmy Kimmel show to find it. You won’t believe the answers.

With some much press attention thus far, it’s unyielding to believe that people don’t at least have any recollection of what a modern day smartwatch looks like. However, judging by the way they look at the old Casio they clearly don’t.

Do we need to Advertise Android Wear better? We’ve already seen the Galaxy Gear 2, Smartwatch 2 Moto 360 and yet people are completely clueless. Let’s hope Apple’s campaigns delve deeper into the population and this smartwatch era finally kicks off properly with a bang. They do have one factor going for them and that’s that it is made by Apple. As you can see in the video, that is the utmost efficacious way to get people’s attention.

The iWatch reportedly went into production back in April of this year. In addition, we are hearing rumors of Apple joining forces with other premium companies such as Swatch to build multiple watches. It’s possible they bring out several different designs similar to what they are producing with the smartphone and tablet-sized iPhone this year.