Since the birth back in 2007 Apple has tried its darndest to come up with fresh ideas to keep people interested. After dropping off it came up with Siri and it wasn’t long before they came up with the business strategy to upgrade design and then add a new feature as a two-year deal to show the constant evolution in the smartphone world. However, as we hone in on the launch of the iPhone 6 its possible Tim Cook and Co are wondering have we done enough to stop people from saying we didn’t offer enough.

According to reports coming out today that the answer is a resounding ‘No”, and the fruit company could be on track to launch the flagship iPhone for 2014 with its own shiny hologram logo on the back. We’ve come to love a similar design featured on the MacBook Pro. However,, that notebook comes with one vastly different feature: it mostly remains plugged into the power outlet.

A few murmurs came out a while back and the comment sections flooded with disapproval because of battery concerns. I’ve stated many times that the battery performance is the number one factor for people who ranks high on the list for features they want improved and what factors in deciding on a new smartphone.

Moreover, dating back to last week we learned that the Cupertino gang plan on releasing the new iPhone 6 with 15% better battery performance over the iPhone 5S. So, with that in mind, it’s safe to say that even with the lit-up Apple logo shining on the back it will have a longer lasting battery than what we know of up until now. It remains to be seen if people will welcome it or still be against the idea because they know the battery juice would have been better off without the new feature regardless.

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