You may know him from movies such as This Is The End, Eat Pray Love or who can forget Pineapple Express. James Franco has many talents, but the reason he’s relevant to us now is because his smartphone antics last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

He’s a weird dude and one that I wouldn’t have been a fan of if it weren’t for some familiar roles he’s played in some memorable movies for me. I can recall last year when he was doing another interview and he was talking about falling asleep while flying. Something to do with having a pilot license or needing it renewed. Anyhow, last night’s episode was far more interesting because he had a thing for ‘seflies’ with a smartphone.

Of course, the main reason the celebrities show up to these events is for advertising up-coming movies that are starring in but we don’t care about that. if you can look past James’ yellowish teeth you should enjoy this clip if you are a regular on our site.